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from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1. Yoga is control of the mind. Yoga means to control and still the swirling currents of thoughts in the mind. If you can control the thoughts that arise and still them completely you are able to observe the world clearly and directly...

Our Magic Balcony retreat

Our Magic Balcony retreat

This place is truly magical! I followed a sign that I couldn’t read but attracted me for some reason and this is what I found!

Verona – city of love

[slideshow]When we missed our flight in Verona on 21st September I was excited! we get to spend a night in Verona, no, two! no more flights till Friday! in German there is a saying: wenn Engel reisen ... (when angels travel...) to keep it short we ended up in the old...

Song of the day – Eleutheria (freedom in greek!)

My life is perfect Because I accept it as it is The sunshine is shining Because it is what it is What a beautiful feeling it's bringing All the birds in the sky are singing Eleutheria the fire is burning Eleutheria the tables are turning A new day is dawning Because...

Song of the day

  Let love rule! Love is gentle as a rose and love can conquer anyone it's time to take a stand brothers and sisters join hands! We got to let love rule! leeeeet looooooove ruuuuuuule Love transcends all space and time and love can make a little child smile can't...