Did you know that kali and kalos are two words for ‘good’ in Greek?
I have to find out what ‘bliss’ is in Greek … I guess we could say kalikalos for ‘bliss’!
This is the beginning of my second week here and I loved every single day and every single aspect of being here!

I came here to do Dr Helen Ford’s workshops “Living your truth” and “Resolving fear” and got the added bonus of the Raw Food Detox workshop with Paula Wilson.

The food has been amazing, lots of it comes from our garden and we do the gardening ourselves … so extra special to eat fruit and vegetables so fresh and grown with love!

Rachel, who we now call Grace, is Paula’s number one helper, and seems to have developed a passion for figs – and a special eye for spotting them along the road on our trips to the beach 🙂

Helen’s workshops are simply mind blowing …. living your truth and making life easy!

‘mind blowing’ meant literally as well, as I am learning to think with my heart … and it works!

You know what the best news is? That you/we are meant to do as we please … to do what pleases us … to follow our heart’s desire!

How liberating is this!? none of those ‘I should’ any more, nor ‘I can’t’, or ‘am I allowed’? yes yes i am allowed! i am allowed to spend all summer in Greece if I wish, I am allowed to take a nap in the middle of the day, I am allowed to leave the washing up for later if I don’t feel like doing it right now and rather go for a walk in the park … and by following my flow and honouring my heart’s desire I am on the right path, and everything unfolds naturally and easily ….

Too good to be true?
Try it out for yourself 🙂

Until then, Yassu!