Free your Lioness!

Would you like to know and eliminate what keeps you from reaching your goals? Would you like to be able to say no without feeling bad and know how to set your boundaries, so preventing yourself from ever burning out again? Would you like to get in touch with your creativity and burst with vitality? Would…

A Happiness Retreat

Horses, photography, yoga, seaside, Greek ancient culture, beauty abound all around … do you think you’ll find your happiness there? Well, we know our happiness is always in us, but sometimes it gets a bit hidden under the dust of everyday chores, stress and worries … horses, photography, yoga, relaxation and the crystal clear water…

Healing through Yoga

Kahil Kibran Healing Through Yoga Be it a mindful or physical approach, yoga is highly beneficial for any persons in convalescence, no matter how big or small a problem appears. Yoga offers an abundance of tools for challenging situations, with profound healing effects from restorative and recuperative, to uplifting qualities for optimum health and living….


Jacinta O’Hara! Her first reaction was  “woooooow hoooooo – I’m dancing – woooo hoooo Super fantastic and great xxxx”

Partner yoga and ecstatic dance – Prana Love

These images are from the fundraising event by Prana-Love at Jacksons Lane Theatre. It was beautiful! Beautiful people, beautiful energy, beautiful music … Scroll down to see a video about partner yoga. [youtube=] watch out for more news on our partner yoga and dance retreat in Greece!