Sardinia Freedom Energy

Unity in Diversity

Spend winter in the sun in magical Sardinia.

This is a spontaneous initiative by friends to bring together a small community of people who believe in a better world and are ready to create and live it now!

A Co-Creative Freedom Hub for Likeminded Souls


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(temporary, spontaneous)

Magical Sardinia

Flying over Cannigione

Sardinia winter temperatures

Can't go to Auroville (or, insert your favourite winter escape) this year? Don't despair. Come to Sardinia!

Be part of a temporary spontaneous community – with likeminded people who value freedom, expression, generosity, sharing, eco sustainabity, growth, friendship  ……..

For many the usual winter escapes to exotic places are not reachable with the current restrictions, so we are creating this here in magical Costa Smeralda, only a short flight or boat trip away for anyone in Europe, but still easily reachable from the rest of the world. Half an hour from Olbia airport.

1st November 2021 – Photo by Silvia on her first day in Cannigione. A good Omen?

Join us in Sardinia if


  • you want to spend time away and connect with free-spirited people
  • you like community and sharing your gifts and experiences
  • you are open-minded, un-pretentious and like a simple life full of surprises
  • you treasure non-violence
  • you  live consciously
  • you want to live in freedom and awareness
  • you want to get away from the craziness of the current situation and raise the vibration
  • you want to spend winter in one of the most beautiful places on earth and make new friends


Our philosophy …. our core beliefs

Unity in diversity

We accept and respect each other’s choices. Together in diversity we are strong.

co-create community

Be who you are, do what you love, share your gifts with the community. Get involved as much or as little as you feel like.

living consciously

We are responsible for how we experience life. We create our circumstances. We choose to live in joy and gratitude.

freedom from …

fear and imposed restrictions that make no sense, and instead creating a safe space to be together and celebrate life.

We Have the Power to Choose our Present and Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It Now

The current world situation is bringing many people down, isolating them, making them feel powerless.

But it’s also a huge opportunity to remember what’s really important, to wake up and take responsibility for our own lives, to make healthy choices, and to choose love over fear, every day.

We are not victims of our environment and circumstances, we create our environment. We are catalysts for a better, more conscious world.

Lastest Updates:

See you in spring?

See you in spring?

A message from Silvia Trost, who was holding space in Sardinia…

We create our reality

Living Life on Our Terms

living in love not fear.
in respect for each other
and our environment.

We are passionate about

living a fulfilling, colourful and sustainable life, sharing experiences, growth and expansion

Energy & Vibration

Sardinia’s high energy frequency/places offer …..


“Nature is me, I am Nature”

Creative Explorations

Express yourself and celebrate life ……
Self Growth and Development and fun in a natural environment

Healing arts

Bringing together the various disciplines/gifts of the community plus what’s available locally.

Everything starts with a vision

Co-creating The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

This initiative is born from our desire to live in freedom, in a nurturing natural environment based on love and unity.
We welcome like minded people  of all ages and genders to come be a part, co-create and live in a space of positive growth and expansion.

If you are interested to join please click the button below to fill in a short form.

It is time for us to come together. To gather, to rise, to love, to LIVE! You are not alone. I promise you, you are not alone.

And here are some key elements for this initiative/idea:

  • Enjoy life in the here and now
  • Be authentic, kind and generous
  • See the bigger picture
  • Practice  self awareness
  • Kindness and compassion towards all sentient beings
  • Environmental awareness
  • Experimental exchange system (gift economy)
  • Explore flock intelligence
  • Alternative healing modalities
  • Fun- activities (outings, hikes … )
  • Share resources (cars….)
  • In the best case scenario everybody gives what they have and gets what they need.

Upcoming Events


8pm CET

Meet up on Zoom

Get to know each other, take questions, see what people need/want/are looking for … Start creating the community now!  

dates to be determined

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and live the life you want

Using kinesiology and EFT. With Silvia Trost

dates to be determined

Living your truth/overcoming fear

We could ask Helen Ford if she would come and hold this amazing retreat! So important right now! This was one of the best ever workshops I have attended in my life! 2 weeks.

dates to be determined

Sardinia’s sacred places/Energy places

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dates to be determined

Yoga, fun and adventure week

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Practical Info


Cannigione, Costa Smeralda, 30km – half an hour drive from Olbia airport and port.
To find flights and best rates from your nearest airport check Skyscanner.


Sara has found a fantastic place for all of us and arranged super rates! Check it out – Residence Rive Azzurra, this is the link to so you can see what’s available, but it’s not where you will book, as it’s not even available on booking. Get in touch with us to book and we will put you in touch with the owner for our preferential rates. Minimum stay he asks for these rates is 1 month, but if you want to come for a shorter period we see to arrange this with the owner.

Prices: (all prices are excluding bills and final clean – bills are according to meter)

  • Studio flat € 250 per month
  • 1 bedroom flat €350 per month
  • 2 bedroom flat (one of the bedrooms a small twin bed) € 400 per month
  • 2 bedroom flat (with two big double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) € 500 per month

Here is the hotel website with more details about the apartments. 

If you want to stay less than a month let us know and we see if we can combine.

Other Costs

Your travel, transfers (car hire recommended but not essential as we will have some shared cars), food (self-catering, either together as a group or individually), restaurants and any paid activities (optional)


We can help you on arrival. There are some shared cars available at times (but not guaranteed, Silvia, Sara, Irene), and you’d be contributing to fuel costs.

If you want to be independent and free to explore the magnificent places around on your own, a hire car is recommended.

However, the idea is to do this together, so once we know your arrivals we can put you in touch so you can coordinate and share hire cars.


This is a place of so much magic! Together with our local friends we have prepared a list of possibilities, (and Sara has described each one of them as ‘meraviglioso’) so once you are here we will be organising and deciding as a group what activities we want to do together on any given day. There is also a local yoga teacher who is offering classes and her space for group activities. If you want to offer your own gift this is very welcome!

Barca Bruciata – Cannigione – Costa Smeralda

News & Inspiration

Practical Info – how to find the best flights

Use Below are two short videos to show you how you can find the best and most convenient flights. There are no direct flights from London to Olbia until end of March 2022. There are direct flights from London to Cagliari though, and Cagliari is...

We are ready to welcome you in Costa Smeralda!

We are ready to welcome you in Costa Smeralda!

Check out the updates in the Practical Info section! We are ready for you! Are you? Just let us know when you are coming! And check out the pictures from this morning on telegram. Silvia and I went swimming in the sea. It was refreshing and exhilarating!

What’s happening now in Sardinia?

What’s happening now in Sardinia?

Silvia is now in Cannigione and choosing her apartment or house. She will be your main point of contact. I think we are pretty much ready to welcome you too. (click title to read more)

Sardinia Energy

Sardinia Energy

Some articles found on the web (click on the title to read): Delving into Sardinia’s history and heritage Energy places in Sardinia Stones and water, ancient sources of well-being  

On Hope and Transformation

On Hope and Transformation

Here is a great video by Jan Phillips - on Hope and Transformation .... ... Excerpt ... Transformation originates in people who see a better way or a fairer world people who reveal themselves disclose their dreams and unfold their hopes in the presence of others and...

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If you are interested to join please click the button below to fill in a short form and we will get back to you. 

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

- Joel A. Barker

My arrival in Cannigione on 12th October 2021. This is when the idea was born, over dinner with Irene, who lives here and told me she was sad not to be able to go to Auroville again this winter. I said, so what, bring Auroville (and other likeminded people) here to Sardinia, the most beautiful place on earth – just as beautiful as Greece, and other places people love to spend quality time in!


Any Questions?

Please fill in the short form where you can also ask your questions and we will get back to you.

Alternatively you can email us.

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